Re:Understanding Sin

What really is sin? This is a question that I have been contemplating for awhile now in my attempt to deconstruct... For me growing up I was taught that sin was "anything you think say or do that displeases God" ...that is as generic as it gets and it pathetically fails to take into account... Continue Reading →


Following Jesus is ALL about Freedom

Since my last blog post, several of you have asked me to expand on what the difference between being a "Christian" and "following Jesus"? Like I said, some may see this as semantics but there are several crucial differences. First and foremost, it starts with correctly understanding the implications of the atonement. Mainstream evangelical theology... Continue Reading →

Why I am no longer a Christian.

I have been on a journey over the past several years.  This journey has been instrumental in shaping my theology and understanding of life.  As some of you know, I have endured many different struggles and hurts. I have been broken, betrayed, threatened and abandoned. I've had people lie to my face. I've been judged... Continue Reading →

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