As many of you know I am in a season in my life where I am not in active ministry. Still many of you continue to pick my brain with questions and ideas in regards to worship and ministry. So I have decided to start a blog about the topics that I have been asked about. I will try to be concise and to the point as much as possible but I want to be thorough so that there is something for you to take away after you read my thoughts. 
     So a bit about myself, so that you can better understand where my thoughts are coming from. I have spent many years serving and attending different churches. I started serving on the AV team when I was in Jr.high and one thing lead to another and within a couple years I was playing guitar on the worship team. During my college years at Moody Spokane, there were times I lead worship 4 times a week at 3 different churches. After Moody, I served as a Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor in several different churches…(a church will never tell you this, but they expect a youth pastor to be a worship pastor too. And no they won’t pay you extra). I have attended close to 25 churches and I have severed at (in a worship type role) in about 12. Some of these congregations were as small as 30-60, and others as big as 500+.
     I have had to start several worship teams from scratch where the talent was highly suspect but I have also had the privilege of playing and singing next to very gifted, Godly and passionate individuals as well. It goes without saying but each situation presented its own challenges.
     I can honestly say that with this much exposure to the Christian worship scene, I’ve heard it all. Complaints, critiques, encouragement, discussions about songs…styles…hymns vs. Modern songs…how to put a set together, what instrument to play and what is not ok to play on Sunday but ok on ministry nights…(not sure how that works)… 
     I have also been around different cultures in regards to worship as well. Growing up in an conservative Chinese church, worshipping with a Urban Latino congregation for a spell, and expanding as far as a church that was geared toward urban non churched people where we wrote new songs every week composed by the sharing from the week before. All this to say…I’ve been around and heard a ton of stuff. I’m not claiming to know everything when it comes to worship…not at all. 
     My hope is that as someone who is in ministry, a Worship Pastor or Worship Leader or even a Worship Team member you may find something here to encourage you or benefit you on this difficult journey of balancing music, culture, and that ever so painful thorn in your side…church tradition. 
So here is a couple of my thoughts as I reflect on my experiences, hopefully you can learn from my experiences. And if you want to hear my thoughts on a specific topic please comment or or message me, I’d be more than happy to do so!

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